Canaanite Magic and Divination – Ugaritic Texts on Healing, Astrology, the Evil Eye & Hangovers! – YouTube

The ancient myths, rituals and magic of the ancient Canaanites spent millennia known only through an Israelite lens, darkly. That is, in large part, until the discovery of the ancient lost city of Ugarit and the cuneiform tablets preserved in the fires that doomed the city as part of the…

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An Interesting Conversation Between Two Witches – Live Test and Chat With Sis. Lasher – YouTube


Zoom meeting between K.Sis. Lasher (Sheloya) and Queen Arden Keren of Ile Baalat Teva. We discussed all sorts from the shortage of information on crystals in aggressive magick, Johnny Depp’s issues and dating narcissists, Bewitching oil recipe need, and Solomon and the demons. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to…

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Oshun Offerings March 24, 2022 | Ile Baalat Teva

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On March 24, 2022, Ile Baalat Teva gave offerings to the Queen of Prosperity and All the Good Things and Joys of Life, Oshun. It was a small gathering of vaccinated, intimate friends held outdoors for safety. Unfortunately, I could not attend in person due to responsibilities and divination combined….

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