Ile Baalat Teva

About Ilè Baalat Teva

We are a group of African diaspora spirituality adherents of varying backgrounds and degrees of traditionalism. We are LGBTQIA+ Africana Womanist, and Feminist welcoming, honoring the Divine Feminine, Masculine, Multigendered, and Varied. Most of us are what would be called “witches” in the west or “wise persons” in Africa. We are not Aje or Osoronga. In Africa, we would fall under the category of traditional healers and mystics.

We are mostly in Israel though, and mostly in the north. When there isn’t a pandemic raging, we have community gatherings and ceremonies.

Though our individual observances vary, we generally practice a harmonious blend of African and middle eastern mysticism with major influences of Yoruba Orisha tradition, but also Kemetic, Canaanite, and Hellenic practices.

If you are an African or diaspora adherent and need assistance, we are here to help. We know where to get supplies and have contacts in Africa for traditional services such as Ifa and Afa readings for your Ori and Akosejaye.

If you would like more information about African spirituality, visit Orisha Online Altar.

Blessings and Ashé!

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